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A missing Bryant's last known residence was Pittsburgh, PA.  This was approximately during the 1930's.
(This could of been James Bryant* who left and went to Arkansas.  He never returned to Tuskegee)

Charity Bryant was accidentally killed when her extraordinary long hair caught on fire while cooking and her entire living quarters was burned to the ground.  Date is unknown

The Bryant's operated a store, school, and 3 cemeteries in Tuskegee, AL.  My father, Jim Harris and his first cousin, Daisy Streeter-Brown, attended the school during the late 1920's or early 1930's.  It was located inside the Shady Grove Baptist Church (The Bryant School) with a connecting cemetery that was locally known as one of the Bryant's Cemeteries.

Some of the Bryants are now residing in White Plains, NY.



Allen Bryant (b. abt 1870 d. ?)
Hattie Fitzpatrick Bryant (b. abt 1870 d. ?)

Hattie Bryant Harris (b. 10/1890 d. 6/15/1930) m. Jim Harris
Allen Bryant, Jr.
Algie Bryant
Henry Bryant
Willie Bryant
Thomas Bryant
Charity Bryant
Ada Bryant

Other Related Data

The Byrant lineage has been one of the most difficult to track.  It part due to the names noted above.  It's quite possible that the indicated relationships are not as stated and could be names that were known.  Further research has led to the following information as stated by Alfred and Mahalia Bryant of Tuskegee who could be related descendents.  Our oral histories of the Bryants are very much the same.

Allen Bryant m. Halley ? Bryant

Fletcher Bryant (b. 5/12/1908 d. 8/1989) m. Ocell Woods (b. 1916 d. ?)
Edgar "Big Boy" Bryant
Algie Bryant
Loulabelle Bryant
James Bryant*
Muray Bryant m. Bessie Fort
Alan Bryant

Children of Fletcher Bryant and Ocell Woods

James "Toont" Bryant m. Helen Reed
Alfred Bryant
Mahalia Bryant
Ernest Bryant
Algie Bryant m. Catherine Reese
Joseph Bryant
Edward Bryant
Henry Bryant
Jesse Bryant
Fletcher Bryant, Jr.
Willie Bryant
John T. Bryant
Ocie Bryant
Motel Bryant

Children of Edgar Bryant

Allen Bryant
Norma Bryant
Elisha Bell
Tommye Bryant

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