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Very little is known about
Allen or Hattie.
Research is still being conducted on this line.  This has been one of the harder surnames to find information on.


Allen Bryant m. Hattie Fitzpatrick Harris

(Under Research)

Fitzpatrick Slave  Owners of Macon County, AL

Fitzpatrick Worldwide DNA Research

From Colleen Fitzpatrick

As I wrote to Polly, several of us are doing a DNA study linking the Fitzpatricks worldwide. We have 13 volunteers so far, from the US, Ireland, Australia, England, and Scotland. This includes Knox Fitzpatrick from Utah, who I think is probably part of your own pedigree. Knox is already involved in his own DNA efforts to link with what I think is the family you describe in your emails - that of William Fitzpatrick originally from Ulster, then
from VA. I have also been in touch with Minna Hills on all this.

For the DNA project, we are especially interested in contacting the African American Fitzpatricks. There were quite a few Fitzpatricks in the Dominican Republic as far back as the 1600s, and we were thinking there are probably quite a few black Fitzpatricks from this branch. We would very much like to
contact any from your own branch, to see if they would like to participate in our DNA project.

Contact: Colleen Fitzpatrick

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