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Death Index - Macon County, Alabama
Selected Records Dated 1908-1959

This page contains extracted data that was documented on death certificates issued in Macon County, Alabama between 1908 and 1959. There were approximately 21,600 deaths reported in Macon County during this time period.  This index currently contains 480 records--with updates occurring periodically.  I do not have copies of the actual certificates.  For further information on obtaining copies of the death certificates, please contact the Alabama Vital Records, your local LDS Family History Center for the Alabama Death Index on microfilm or at the banner below.  

The death indexed information appearing on this page includes, name of the deceased, date of death, age, race, date of birth, place of birth, spouse, name of father, maiden name of mother (if indicated) and the informant (name of the individual or establishment that reported the death).  In some cases, the informant was a close family member, which could be an extended family link.  The Veterans Administration was home to many men who served in various military wars (i.e., Spanish-American, World War I, etc.) Many of these men were residents of other states but spent their final days at the VA hospital in Macon County.  Their deaths were reported by the Veterans Administration (VA).

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ALIS =  Alabama Index Sheets - these listings were included in an alphabetized surnamed listing of deaths in the state of Alabama which included the county, date of death, volume and page number only. The entry here will be:  ALIS/volume number/page number which can be used for ordering the actual death certificate.

TAAF = Tuskegee Airmen Air Field. Between 1940 and 1946, several of these men were killed when their airplanes crashed during training maneuvers.  These incidents were usually reported by the commanding officers. 

 An asterisk [ * ] indicates illegibility of the correct spelling - best guess documented when applicable.

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